The Primiero Valley, in the Eastern Trentino, is set in the middle of the Dolomites, in the Alps, surrounded by several mountain ranges, such as the Vette Feltrine, the Lagorai and the charming Pale di San Martino, one of the most favourite spot for climbers and mountaineers since the XIX century.
An alpine land to explore with a walk in the forests, on quiet paths, on thrilling via ferratas, to discover huts and pastures: an uncontaminated nature and a precious resource in terms of wildlife and flora, protected by the Parco Naturale Paneveggio Pale di San Martino, a natural reserve where guided tours, workshops and events are organized for the guests at the visitors centers, from Villa Welsperg the the Paneveggio forest, or the Ecomuseo del Vanoi.

Mountain to live also during the winter season, on beautiful slopes with breathtaking views and a wide offer of activities which includes ski school camps, snowparks and the best freeride spots in a unique location on the Dolomites.

The little villages which lie on the valley floor are typical alpine hamlets which host all over the year beautiful celebration, festivals and concerts, thanks to an active community, which according to tradition, organizes several events in every season: from the country fairs in spring to the september transhumance, and the suggestive Christmas Markets in winter.


Mezzano is located in the middle of the wide and lush Primiero Valley: as its name would suggest, the village lies exactly between the two little towns of Fiera and Imer.
Several paths for walks and hikes start from the village and lead to beautiful near location amazing to discover, places where the time seems to have stopped among old huts and pastures, ancient barns and countryside little churches.


Heading south from Mezzano, take the street on the right of the church and get to the Copèra – a location which takes its name from an ancient furnace; the easy path leads to the San Giovanni meadows: the trail follows the paved road and runs along the green fields, the wide gardens of the huts – usually inhabited during the summer – and the deep forests.
Once at the crossroads of the Poit locality, follow the path on the right to get in a few minutes to the meadows of San Giovanni and the beautiful little church of the same name, built in 1514, a very suggestive setting with view on the Vette Feltrine, where the local community every year gathers to celebrate the saint patron with an outdoor lunch.


From the San Giovanni meadows, a level paved road leads to the Falasorni, a panoramic location where the old fountain and the wooden crucifix welcome the walkers, and the ancient traditional huts with their green pastures tell about the strong bond of the inhabitants of Mezzano with their land.


From the center of the village, take the paved road to Val Noana which continues through the rocky gorge, running along Noana river for about 9 km, to easily get to the restaurant Fònteghi Hut.
From the Hut, take the footpath 727 which leads to Val Nagaoni and then to the Boz Hut on a medium-level trail in about 2 hours, and get to a beautiful location surrounded by alpine pastures.


Outdoor fun, in a unique scenery to discover between water and rocks: climb and then slide along the natural narrow gorges dug by the water flows,
drop and jump into the crystal clear waters guided by a local alpine guide
of our Aquile di San Martino!
Join the group and follow the water stream in safety: an easy activity not to miss
also on rainy days, which does not require specific physical skills.
For more info and booking – Aquile di San Martino.